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Best Nutritious Food to Lose the Weight

Nature is replete with super foods that one can depend on time and again for covering up nutritional gaps. Interestingly, it hasn't been known there are super foods that can help us get rid of excessive hunger pangs and lead to slimmer waistlines and shedding of extra kilos of body weight.
Let’s review each of these super foods one by one and understand how they can contribute to our slimming down.

1. Green tea
Start your day with the therapeutic Green Tea. The antioxidants help in burning fat. 

Green Tea

2. Oats
Rich in fiber and hence makes for a filling breakfast/diet.


3. Broccoli
Well known for its cancer-preventing power, this cruciferous veggie (the others being cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts) that makes a fibrous serving, helps in preventing weight gain. 


4. Brown rice
Brown rice is another fiber-rich option that's a lot healthier than white rice.

Brown rice

5. Pears
Loaded with fiber, this fruit can meet a human body's 15% fiber demand in one go. Consuming Pear helps lose weight.


6. Wine
Resveratrol, a popular antioxidant stops fat storage. People who drink wine occasionally tend to have narrower waists and lesser belly fat compared to liquor drinkers. A glass of Wine triggers calorie burns for an hour and a half.


7. Kidney beans 
Rich in Resistant Starch, they help in fat burning.

Kidney beans

8. Almonds 
Studies have proved that a daily Almond rich diet results in losing weight, as compared to eating non-nut diet.


9. Lentils 
Lentils provide for both protein and fiber. It also contains Resistant Starch that aids digestion and burns fat.

10. Bananas 
Surprising but true, Bananas are a thinning super food. Studies have shown that individuals who have gone for a banana only diet have lost considerable weight.

11. Eggs 
As opposed to them being dangerous for heart and heart health/increasing cholesterol, eggs help in providing a wholesome meal. People who eat eggs feel more satiated and don't eat for the next 3-4 hours. You can find different types of eggs in online store. Use Zopnow coupons to get a discount on your purchase value.


12. Dark chocolate 
This one not only reduces stress but because of lower sugar content it helps in reducing weight by being a healthy snack option.

Dark chocolate

13. Oranges
Again, similar to other fruit, the richness in fiber helps oranges become a healthy diet option. You can get these oranges at a cheap rate in Big basket. Use
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14. Potatoes 
However, being a rich source of energy (high in carbohydrates), Potatoes make for a filling diet.  Also being rich in Resistant Starch, they help significantly in burning fat.


15. Avocados 
They have the right fats and being rich in fiber and protein make for a low Cal healthy meal.


16. Salmon 
It is obviously leaner than red meat.


17. Grapefruit 
It's likewise a decent wellspring of protein, and because of the fact that it's no less than 90% water, it can top you off so you eat less. 


18. Pine nuts 
One study observed that swapping solid unsaturated ones like those found in nuts for immersed fats helped overweight individuals get in shape without lessening calorie allow or increasing their activity.

Pine nuts

19. Cheddar
New goat cheddar and feta contain an unsaturated fat that helps you feel full and smolder more fat. Search for cheeses named "grass-encouraged," as this will have the most noteworthy substance of this solid fat.


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