Thursday, July 28, 2016

Indian Origin Student Topped the Most Prestigious Exam in Singapore #WellDoneRasika

Rasika Kale
Rasika Kale, an Indian-origin student topped the International Baccalaureate Diploma examination in Singapore. The Singapore-based NRI student bagged a perfect score of 45 out of 45 points to become the topper.

Rasika has been living in Singapore since 2002 and studied at the Global Indian International School (GIIS) from class 1 to 12. She has given all the credits of her success to her parents, teachers and the school. She told that such success would not have been possible without the constant motivation and support from her parents. At the same time her teachers made sure that she gets all the possible support to prepare well for the examination.

According to Kamal Gupta, the Chief Operating Officer of Global Schools Foundation the achievement of Rasika can be regarded equivalent to winning of a gold medal in the Olympics as thousands of students from over 40 countries appear for the examination. It is indeed a prestigious accomplishment.

He conveyed that the IBDP exam is equivalent to class 12 examinations in India and Rasika topped the IB ranking for IBDP exam 2016 from the Singapore-based Global Indian International School (GIIS). Achieving a world topper ranking is as prestigious as winning a gold medal in the Olympics of academics.

Gupta conveyed that Rasika possesses a natural combination of intelligence, passion and all-round performance for performing arts. A near-perfect score of 44 out of 45 points are secured by three other GIIS students Aarushi Khandelwal, Revvand Rajesh and Sibiranjith Nagesh in the same examination.

The Global Indian International School is established by the Singapore-based, not for profit Global Schools Foundation, and is present across 20 campuses in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India and United Arab Emirates. Known for its skill-based and learner-centric curricula, GIIS offers holistic learning and personality development opportunities for students.

The Global Indian International School has glorified history of winning over 60 education excellence awards from Singapore, Malaysia other countries of Asia. It follows the Malcolm Baldrige education excellence model as education benchmark that is followed by the top schools in the world. GIIS has won an Innovation Excellence award for the Nine Gems™ models from the Institute of Directors.

Since 2008, five students from GIIS have topped the IB exams worldwide, while overall 17 students have scored the near perfect scores of 44/45 points.

The school adopted a holistic approach towards character development and maintains a balance between academics and experience, mental and physical development, language skills, fine arts and performing arts, creativity, personality development, ethics and entrepreneurship.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Alarming Reports From WHO On Status Of Doctors In India

Over 50% of Them Treating Patients Without Having Any Proper Medical Qualification

A shocking recent report from WHO revealed that over one-third (31%) of the claimed allopathic doctors in India were educated only up to the level of Secondary school and 57% did not have any form of medical qualification. This recent report based on 2001 census, exposes the horrible state of the healthcare workforce in India.

According to the WHO report, most of the doctors in India in true sense do not have the qualification to be one. As expected the situation is far worse in semi-rural, rural and remote India where only about 18.8% allopathic doctors truly have a medical degree. The report titled “The Health Workforce in India” is published in June, 2016.

The Secretary of the Medical Council of India (MCI), Dr. Reena Nayyar told that they are yet to receive this report from WHO. But generally, any doctor practicing medicine without has a registered medical qualification come under quackery. This means the majority of the healthcare workers in India are quacks and life of majority of Indian population depends on them.

Interestingly, the report also revealed that female health care workers, comprising 38% of the total medical professionals in India are more educated and medically qualified than their male counterparts. As per the report over 67% of the female allopathic doctors do have the proper medical qualification, compared to only 38% of male doctors.

The study once again exposed the shoddy state of the health care situation in India. The quacks are able to work as doctors purely because of lack of vigilance from MCI and also due to the severe scarcity of doctors in rural India. The study used census reports of 2001 for each district in the country, providing a comprehensive picture of health workers in each district.

The most recent 2011 Census reports are still not available, but according to researchers think that a similar study will be repeated with 2011 Census data that will give us a more updated picture on qualification of Indian doctors.

Stat Image Source: The Hindu

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Meditation Helps to Reduce the Loss of Your Brain Gray Matter During Aging

New studies by scientists revealed that you can slow down the gray matter loss of your brain through mediation. Your brain starts to decrease in weight and volume when you reach mid-to-late-20s, which ultimately brings loss of functional abilities of your brain.

This is why even though the average age of people living has increased since 1970, the added year have come with increased risks to neurodegenerative diseases and other mental illnesses. The current study conducted by the researchers in UCLA demonstrated that you can preserve your brain’s gray matter (neuron containing tissues) by regular sessions of meditation.

The researchers specifically looked at the association of age and the gray matter by comparing 50 people who never meditated with 50 people meditating for years. Loss of gray matter was experienced by both the groups. However, the decrease in gray matter volume is considerably less in people who mediated compared to the non-mediating group.

The coauthor of this study, Dr. Florian Kurth, the postdoctoral fellow at the UCLA Brain Mapping Center, told that they have not expected such widespread effect of meditation on brain tissue. They actually anticipated rather distinct and small localized effects on regions of brain that had earlier been associated with meditating. But, they noticed far widespread effect of meditation encompassing regions all through the brain.

Each of the two study groups are made of 28 men and 22 women of the age group 24 to 77 years. The group of people who meditated had been doing so for 4 to 46 years, the average being 20 years.
Although the scientists discovered a negative correlation between age and gray matter in people from both the groups suggesting an inevitable loss of brain tissue with increase in age, they observed that significantly large parts of the brain tissue were preserved in people who meditated.

At the same time the researchers have cautioned that no direct causal connection can still be established between meditation and preserving brain’s gray matter. There are too many other factors that may be responsible for preservation of gray matter in meditating people such as, choice of lifestyle, genetic brain differences and personality traits.

Source: Journal Frontiers in Psychology.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Despite Three Surgeries, Half Paralyzed Boy Cracks IIT

Ankit Kumar Sharma, a carpenter’s son cracked the JEE Advanced Examination and will be studying in IIT Kanpur. He has achieved this despite having three major surgeries and a body paralysed below the waist.

Ankit is a meritorious student from the Shah Village of Kanpur district, who had three major operations from 2010 – 2012 to treat his rare neurological disabilities. The disease made him paralysed and badly affected his studies. But Ankit refused to give up and despite being bedridden for two long years, he began his exam preparation in 2014 after getting partially cured.

He cleared the class XII board exams in 2015 and secured an AIR 93 in OBC Person with Disability (PWD) category this year in JEE Advanced. He is allotted Chemical engineering at IIT Kanpur. It is indeed a proud moment for him and his family who always stood beside him in the hour of crisis. Sadly, his mother could not witness this success as she passed away three years ago because of TB. Ankit had to fight his battle without the support of his mother.

Ankit’s neurological problem first came into vision when he fell down on the road while going to school and could not get up. He was in the Class VIII standard then. He was rushed to a hospital and there his spinal cord was operated. Unfortunately, the operation remained unsuccessful. He was re-operated two months later and after prolonged medication his situation got improved, but not much. He was operated for the third time a year later and this time the operation was successful to make him cure partially. He could start his schooling again and began his studies.

Although not cured completely, Ankit carries the confidence on his face to succeed in his life. He already completed his formalities to join IIT Kanpur and will commence his journey towards hard earned success.

The only concern is how to manage the cost associated with the study requirements in IIT Kanpur. Ankit’s disease financially broke the family and his father had to sell out their home and mortgage their land to meet up the treatment cost.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Foods That Make You Smarter

Smart Foods
Do you know that there are certain foods that not only keep you healthy but also make you smarter? Here comes a list of brain-boosters that you should pack your platter with, for a better health and brain power.

Add on some carbohydrates

You can enrich your brain cells with some complex carbohydrates found in brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain breads, sweet potatoes, beans, lentils that control a glucose supply to your brain. Glucose is extremely essential to charge your brain cells that enhance memory, better concentration, memory and knowledge.

Egg yolk

Do you know that the yolk of an egg is a true gem that can make you smarter and mentally stronger? The yolk of an egg is enriched with an essential nutrient known as choline that is involved in cognitive function and sharpens your memory. Choline is the precursor for synthesis of a neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which significantly boosts your mental focus. Recent researches are focusing on the effectiveness of whole eggs in treating Alzheimer’s disease. So, if you still believe that the egg whites are more beneficial, just forget it and include the whole egg to your platter.

Tea and Coffee

Tea is rich in antioxidants known as catechin that enhances the production of neurons in your brain. A fresh concoction of black or green tea contains caffeine that expands the blood vessels, thereby increasing the flow of blood to the brain, consequently boosting memory and concentration.
Not only tea a cup of coffee in the morning strongly enhances the brain power. Coffee is rich in a stimulant known as caffeine that blocks Adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, thereby increasing the stimulating effect. This increases concentration, memory focus, energy and several other facets of brain function. Moreover, consumption of coffee is also expected to lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Oily fish

Oily fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Regularly eating oily fish or taking omega-3 supplements may prevent cognitive decline and dementia, and increased blood flow to the brain. DHA is also an essential nutrient for boosting mental development and also the ability to learn.

Latest researches are showing that oily fish consumption is provided with more energy, reduces weariness of the brain and mood swings and develops reaction times.

Green vegetables

Veggies like broccoli and spinach are enriched with vitamin K, C, beta-carotene that maintains brain power and strengthens cognitive skills. Broccoli also comprises of choline that boosts memory. Spinach is also known to cope up with cognitive shortfalls. Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of folate that enables memory recall and accelerates information processing.


Tomatoes are loaded with foliates, vitamin A and C that restores brain power and boosts memory. Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, an antioxidant that is essential for brain development and maintaining cognitive abilities – it also prevents dementia.


Berries are a good source of an antioxidant, flavonoids that enhance memory and controls mood-swings. Greater consumption of strawberries enhances cognitive proficiencies in old-age adults. Berries are found to improve motor skills. Besides, the antioxidant properties present in strawberries can protect the brain from harmful oxidative processes.


Chocolates improve cognitive abilities. You can improve your memory and ability to think and judge if you eat chocolates at least once a week. Researchers have found that chocolates with at least 70% of cocoa effectively control advanced brain function. Chocolates also enhance the ability to perform more than one task at a time quite efficiently.


Walnuts beyond doubt are a power food which is loaded with all kinds of powerful nutrient that is extremely beneficial for enhancing brain power. Adding up of walnuts into your daily diet can improve critical thinking abilities memory intuition. Walnut has been found to be loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids that can scavenge the free radicals that potentially damage the brain.


Apples are rich in type of antioxidant, catechins that effectively controls damage to brain from harmful chemicals. This fruit also comprises of quercetin, another antioxidant that has the ability to lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Red apples are enriched in chemicals that protects against brain disorders. But the essential compounds are present mainly on the apple skin so make sure not to peel the skin of the apples and consume the whole fruit.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Girl Got A Package Of 30 Lac Had Set up Her Own Company In College

Ashima Jain, a student of BA Hons in Economics at Stephen’s College, Delhi has been offered a package of Rs 30 lakh by the multinational company Parthenon.

Ashima, has conducted several social campaigns while being a college student. Ashima and her group of friends connected with social activities by helping in the promotion and marketing of small NGOs. She is also the president of college’s Social Entrepreneurship Organisation “Inacts” and is linked to many other social services. The student from Rajasthan is in the spotlight again through this job offer.

Ashima was always topper in her school days as well. She got 96.40% in her 12th grade examination from MGD School, Jaipur. Her father Dr. Komal Jain is a businessman whereas her mother Bindu Jain is the Vice Principal of the Maharani College, Jaipur.

Made a Social Group During the Second Year in College

Ashima formed an NPO (Non Profit Organization) along with her 5 friends from Stephen’s College to provide publicity and marketing to the small NGOs running in Delhi. These small groups, though doing admirable social work receive little promotion that they need desperately to increase their reach.

She launched a Safe City campaign, which surveyed various drawbacks of the city such as the dark areas, the lack of street lights, the shortage of women police officers or constables and dearth of CCTV cameras in important areas. They made a file containing all the details of the survey and handed it over to the Delhi police.

She joined hands with Lakshyam, an NGO helping small children and women to launch a new campaign on children and women abuse. She also helped in raising awareness to campaigns spreading cancer awareness, collection and recycling of papers that played a big role in the maintenance of the town.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

StyleBaby: The New E-commerce Website from Out Thinking Electronics


Out Thinking Private Limited, India’s No.1 Mobile Phone Application and Game Development Company, along with its sister concern Out Thinking Electronics Private Limited, have launched their all new e-Commerce website, Stylebaby. is an e-Commerce platform that is currently in the business of selling Mobile Phone Accessories. We have started off with the sales of Mobile Phone Covers, with customised and the latest off-the-shelf designs, both trendy and personalised. You can get everything from a patterned design to a photograph based theme or even create your very own design.

Stylebaby joins Total Toys, another e-Commerce Portal that was released in March 10, 2015 by Out Thinking which is dedicated towards the purchase of toys and baby care products. With the success of Total Toys, Out Thinking wishes to widen their scope in the e-Commerce industry through the launch of Stylebaby.

They look to target the youth who find Mobile Phone Cases highly fashionable, as well as providing a quintessential protective cover for the Mobile Phone, preventing it from damage. The site offers easy access to browse through their selections, with Smart Phone specific Cell Phone Case Designs. The website is designed with the latest technology to be as user-friendly as possible.

According to Vijay Kumar Reddy Doddavala, Cofounder of Out Thinking Private Limited and CEO of Out Thinking Electronics, they have been in the tech industry for over three years and were looking to expand their operations in the e-Commerce industry. With Stylebaby, they are looking to cater to the ever-changing needs of the youth and with their interactive website design, they are confident to give the users a comfortable as well as a pleasurable experience.

Stylebaby aims to expand their hold on the e-Commerce industry with the Mobile Phone Accessories business and to launch more accessories in the coming months. In addition, Stylebaby will introduce designer apparel as well as other merchandise that will be centred on the wants and needs of today’s youth.
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